Disney Wonder Independence Day celebration
Disney Wonder Independence Day celebration

Trip Report: Disney Wonder – Alaska Day 2 – July 4th & Palo

Oh say can you see… amazing Alaskan sights for the fourth of July! While it was a bit weird being away from the kids on Independence Day it was pretty great waking up after a great night of sleep in darkness (thanks inside cabin!) and having a whole sea day of adventures ahead of us.

First Stop – Palo Brunch!

This meal has become pretty infamous (and sometimes hard to get). You have to sign up for it in advance, and it costs a little extra ($40 per person at time of this post). It’s TOTALLY worth it, though! Check out my tips at the end of this post for snagging the infamous Palo Brunch.

After ordering some mimosas, Mickey waffles and Salmon Eggs Benedict (cause Alaska = salmon, am I right?) we headed up to the buffet. It’s basically completely adorable. Tiny little tastes of all kinds of things, contrasted with a massive aged wheel of parmesan… it’s dining heaven.

As we were celebrating our 15th anniversary, our waiter brought us a fun decorated plate, so we of course took some photos! You can see how the booths in Palo are set on the edge of the deck so you have a great view of the water. While I did like this set up, the Dream/Fantasy’s version of Palo are directly over the water aft so you don’t get anyone walking by your table, which I liked just a bit better than the setup here on the Wonder (same as the Magic).

Time for Dessert! Not only do they bring you the most amazing chocolate lava cake I have ever tasted (seriously. this thing is to die for), there is also a dessert buffet with a lot of great bites to try. I really appreciate that these were small so I could try several!

Don’t miss the chocolate lava cake! This was my absolute favorite thing I’ve ever eaten on any of our Disney Cruises!

Our overall impression of Palo Brunch on the Disney Wonder

We would HIGHLY recommend this! This would top the adult-only experiences available on the ship for both of us. We also enjoyed Palo dinner, but the brunch is even better. I loved the variety of options. This meal takes a solid 2 hours, and when we had completely finished our meal, they were trying to get us to order Chicken Parm! So you could take it straight from breakfast all the way through lunch. They are NOT hurrying you out of here (so plan accordingly if the kids are being cared for in the nursery, club or with family members!)

To reserve Palo brunch, which costs $40 per person, check in at midnight on your balance due date (make sure you are paid in full). You can start reserving activities and this one is the one I go for first. It’s usually only offered on sea days. If it’s full (very likely if you are a first time cruiser with Disney), then check with the staff as soon as you board. The Navigator (schedule) that you receive at the port check-in will list where you can go to make reservations upon boarding.

On to the rest of our first Sea Day…

Now that we were 100% stuffed, it was time to relax. While I enjoyed dressing up for Palo (dress courtesy of Stitch Fix! (Get $25 for your own Stitch Fix box here! https://www.stitchfix.com/referral/larissaboland?som=c&sod=w)  I was ready to get comfy and chill!

There is so much to do on the ship on a sea day. This was actually our first Disney Cruise Line sea day with no kids! I definitely grabbed some photos with characters (I’m pretty much the only one in my family who wants to meet characters on the ship!) On July 4th, the Characters don some classic patriotic outfits so it’s fun to get some photos with them on this day! Plus, Captain America!

  • Watch a movie (first run and 3D are available!)
  • Play trivia games or karaoke in the D-Lounge (family friendly)
  • Enjoy specialty coffees at the adults-only Cove Cafe (we brought games to play and books to read as well).
  • Relax in O’Gills Pub – watch sports, play chess, read, grab a beer
  • Take a nap!
  • Lounge on Deck 4 and watch the world go by
  • Visit the Spa or Rainforest room
  • Workoff that breakfast in the fitness center
  • Enjoy the July 4th celebration
  • Take a dip in the hot tubs or pools

Using a travel agent saves you the headache of planning your days out by yourself and having to reserve your activities at midnight on check-in day. Work with us to get all your reservations in without lifting a finger!

Travel planning services provide by Larissa Boland with Custom Travel Professionals. Email larissa@customtravelprofessionals.com for more information on booking your next Disney cruise!

view of calm water, low mountains and clouds
Sailing the Inner Passage from Vancouver – At Sea day
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