Trip Report: Disney Wonder Alaska – Day 1

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

We woke up to an absolutely gorgeous sunny day in Vancouver! Before we headed to the port, we grabbed some Starbucks for breakfast (and it felt like it was on sale, seeing how the US dollar was strong against the Canadian dollar this year).  You can also check out Tim Horton’s, which is a Canadian coffee shop.  There were a lot of shops nearby, and we also ended up hitting Banana Republic for some deals on a few dressy items we had forgotten to pack! After that we walked the few blocks down to the port. I was seriously excited whenever I saw people in Mickey shirts with suitcases – as I knew they had either just disembarked, or were about to embark on the Wonder.

If you get up early, you can actually watch the ship pull into port. Around 6am, it glides up to dock at Canada Place. If you’re from the east coast, you’ll probably find it easy to get up this early and watch it pull in.

The setting of the Port of Vancouver is just gorgeous. The city skyline on one side, with the ships against the backdrop of the mountains – the sparkling water, the puffy clouds – and knowing that in an hour or two you’ll be on that gorgeous ship – it’s really just a thrilling way to start your vacation!

We had to drag our luggage down into this parking deck area, with a fairly small entry. We were not a fan of that setup. If you’re being dropped off by bus it looked a lot more seamless. However there were a LOT of pedestrians walking their luggage in. If you stay at the Fairmont hotel at Canada Place, they will transfer your luggage for you. If you can afford to splurge on it, it’s definitely the place to stay before the cruise. Once DCL crew loaded up our bags (don’t forget your luggage tags!) we headed inside to check in. Our check-in time was around 11:30 and it wasn’t busy at all. We breezed right though and got our Key to the World cards and a boarding number. We headed upstairs to wait for them to call our number! Even though Disney doesn’t have a dedicated area of the port, it’s well marked with plenty of signs and staff.

As you make your way through the process you’ll end up back outside for a bit where we snagged a few more photos.
You can get photos with Minnie and some other Disney Characters while waiting to board. We passed on that and just settled in for a few minutes. It was a great time to make sure we had our phones set properly for boarding the ship, and the DCL app downloaded.

In no time they were calling the boarding numbers and we were heading through the doors, being introduced by the crew!

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