Dining on the Disney Wonder

I love eating out. The yummy food, the not cooking, the not cleaning… yep, it’s mainly the cleaning thing. I’m always excited to get a break from the daily family menu planning on vacation, and cruising is the ultimate dining break for mom – unlimited food ready whenever you are, and an attentive wait staff to serve and clean up!

The Disney Wonder has three main dining rooms – Animator’s Palate, a whimsical art-themed restaurant which you can find on all 4 of Disney’s cruise ships, Triton’s, a very minimally themed French restaurant with touches from the Little Mermaid, and Tiana’s Place, a New-Orleans’ themed character meal with a live Jazz band and appearances by Tiana and Louie (the alligator!) from the Princess and the Frog. During your cruise, you will dine in each restaurant in an assigned dining rotation at an assigned time, with the same wait staff each night!

Check out my full review of Tiana’s Place here!

We love the setup of Disney Cruise Line dining. Even as two adults who are only mildly interested in the Disney stuff when not with our children, we enjoyed having our table reserved just for us (you can request to sit alone if you prefer no tablemates) at a set time. No “What do you want for dinner?” – “I don’t know what do you want for dinner?” conversations – and no waiting to be seated! You truly maximize your relaxation time with this style of dining.

On your “Key to the World Card” (see my explanation of this Disney Cruise Line essential), you’ll find your dining rotation as a series of letters. They are abbreviations which stand for the first two letters of each main restaurant. On the Wonder, you’ll see: TR = Triton’s, AP = Animator’s Palate, and TP = Tiana’s Place. The order is where you will visit each night, and it’s also listed on your app! On a 7 night cruise, you will experience two unique nights/menus in each venue, and the last night you return to your first night’s venue, however each restaurant features the same “Until we meet again”  menu. You can make a request for a certain order, however it’s not guaranteed. If you make any special dining requests, they will probably override your order request, and it’s really not a huge deal unless you have a certain excursion that conflicts with a special dining night that you are looking forward to.

Our Table Number at Animator’s Palate – isn’t it cute?

The Disney Wonder also features Cabanas, a beach-y buffet open for breakfast and lunch, and sometimes for late night snacks. It is also open as a non-reservation sit down meal for dinner, although we don’t usually take advantage of this as we prefer to eat in our assigned dining room. It’s nice if you have to miss a meal though. Each of the 4 Disney ships has a Cabanas buffet restaurant. 

Other dining options on the ship are Palo, a reservations-are-a-must, adult-only Italian restaurant open for dinner, and brunch on sea days (very highly sought after!) See my full review of Palo brunch here. You’ll also find plenty of snackage on the deck, with wraps, rice bowls, fruit, hamburgers, pizza and several bars. Cove Cafe, an adults only coffee shop, offers for-charge lattes and coffees, with free pastries and evening hors d’ouevres. Check my opinion of the Cove Cafe (hint: it’s amazing).

Lastly, you’ll find free 24-hour room service and unlimited soda, coffee, tea and hot chocolate – and ice cream! While Disney Cruise Line may not offer as many dining options as some other cruise lines and ships, they certainly offer plenty of high-quality, wonderful dining experiences for the whole family.

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